Best Place to Buy Lakers Tickets

Best Place to Buy Lakers Tickets

best place to buy lakers tickets

If you are a basketball fan and looking for the best spot to buy LA Lakers tickets, you have come to the right place. You can check out the NBA’s basketball calendar to find out what times and locations they will be playing. You can also check out the calendar of other NBA teams and see the ones that have tickets for sale. The TicketIQ website is another good option in case you’re looking to purchase tickets to a particular game. If you have been able to get tickets to one or two games, then you’ll have a better idea of which venues offer the most comfortable seats.


If you’re looking to purchase tickets to an Lakers game, be sure to look into StubHub. They don’t just have the lowest prices, but they also donate a portion of their ticket fees towards the Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation and Kobe Bryant Family Foundation. You can thus purchase tickets to more games , while earning a profit. Also, don’t forget that they offer a variety of payment options and services to enhance your experience.

The Lakers ticket prices went up after LeBron James signed for the team. Four season tickets available on StubHub cost $188,781 for each. The buyer would only be able attend regular-season games and not playoffs. Tickets for the team next season could be worth only 60% of what they received this season.

There are many options for tickets, such as season and group seating. They can even buy seats for those with disabilities. Another advantage of using StubHub is that you can choose from several seats available. It’s difficult to look through all the options therefore take your time to browse them all. It will be a good choice. And don’t forget about all kinds of tickets on offer. StubHub might be the cheapest option but you should consider your experience going to the Lakers.

Vivid Seats

If you’re in search of a reliable source to purchase Lakers tickets then look no further than Vivid Seats. This highly regarded NBA team is a long and long-running history. They have many championship-winning players on their roster, including legendary players. Also, since the tickets they sell are guaranteed genuine, you are able to purchase them with confidence. If you’re wondering what makes Vivid Seats the most reliable place to buy Lakers tickets, you should consider the 100% Buyer’s Warranty. This guarantee will guarantee that your Lakers tickets will be delivered on time and are 100% authentic.

Vivid Seats is a company that guarantees the security of each transaction and is dedicated to providing the satisfaction of customers. It’s easy to use and shows exact locations of seats on an arena map. The site also provides a picture of each seat, so you can visualize how it will look in the real world. This coupon code to take $10 off the first purchase when you spend $100 or more. Also, you can use this promo code to get $10 off the purchase of $100+ at Vivid Seats.

Vivid Seats members get “HOF” status and earn as much as 9% cashback on their tickets. This status will allow you to attend exclusive Lakers VIP events as well as other advantages. In addition, Vivid Seats’ customer support is available 24/7. You can even contact the Lakers directly if you wish. You can also buy Lakers tickets via ticket brokers. There may be cheaper options elsewhere, but they’re not as effective as buying them directly from the team.


The Los Angeles Lakers are a significant professional basketball team within the Pacific Division of the National Basketball Association. They have one of the largest salaries in the game as well as a high-paying roster, the Lakers are a perennial contender in the NBA Playoffs. They are Lakers players regularly play against the top teams within the league, such as the Golden State Warriors, Phoenix Suns as well as the Sacramento Kings. TicketIQ offers a broad selection of NBA tickets, and can assist you in finding the most suitable seats for the most affordable prices.

TicketsIQ is the top site for Los Angeles Lakers tickets. The cheapest seats are on the upper level, making it difficult to view. The 200-level seating is the second most expensive , costing 70 dollars, and the floor at $110. Tickets are worth less in the event that the top three players, Lebron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook do not attend.

The Lakers have a long history and a loyal following, but their expensive ticket prices make it difficult for many to get to games. TicketIQ is the answer to this problem. TicketIQ is the top discount tickets to guarantee top seats at the lowest cost. It is also possible to save money on shipping costs by using TicketIQ.


It is no secret that purchasing Lakers tickets can be stressful. Tickets are available via two different ways: directly at the team’s ticket offices or via an authorized ticket market. This latter option is recommended by this author. You have more options with regards to seating sections on the website of the team. Additionally, you can opt to purchase tickets on the spot to the Lakers games, and you can save money doing this.

The benefit of purchasing tickets through a reputable ticket broker online is that prices could go down substantially as the time approaches. In addition, sellers selling tickets last minute are typically motivated to sell tickets, which can result in cheaper prices. It’s important to keep in mind that prices could change, so be sure to look at both websites. If you’re uncertain about pricing or seating the best option is to book tickets online.

TicketIQ estimates that an individual Lakers ticket will cost $562 in 2021 in comparison to $163 at the time of opening night. The lowest ticket prices were calculated prior Lebron James’ injury which means you can anticipate that they will increase by 19% during the next season. Tickets for home games cost $128. A seat at the lower level will cost you $306. A single ticket on the upper deck is costly. TicketIQ’s price comparisons also include the price of the Lakers’ December game against the Nets. The cost for the Lakers match against the Warriors will be $304, and the minimum wage for a worker.

Fee-Free Ticketmaster

Two options for buying Lakers tickets is to go to the team’s ticket offices and purchase directly from the team or choose a third-party provider such as Ticketmaster. Personally, I would prefer the second option. There are pros and cons to both. These are the issues you should take into consideration before purchasing tickets. Make sure you review the fine print. After that, you can decide if it’s worth the cost.

The next step is to look up the schedule of your team. It is possible to filter the schedule by opponent or month. First, the games in your region are listed. The other games are listed in chronological order. To purchase tickets, simply click on the game you want to go to. This can save time and cash. It is possible to find a bargain in the day before the game.

A ticket marketplace can also provide the possibility of saving money on tickets. The ticket brokers online usually lower their prices before the game so that you don’t have wait in line or fret about getting seats in the arena. Promo codes can be used to save up to 10 dollars. These promo codes are valid for first and second ticket sales on a range of ticketing websites.

TicketIQ Guarantee Refund

The Refund Guarantee of TicketIQ’s Lakers tickets is easy to comprehend. TicketIQ will refund you for any tickets that are not utilized. Credit of 110% will be given at the cost of the original ticket. TicketIQ’s guarantee is not limited to one event per customer, however. In many cases, the refund will also pay for shipping charges for the return.

The Los Angeles Lakers are a regular competitor in the National Basketball Association, and they’re currently fighting for a title in the Pacific Division. They have won 17 NBA championships, and have one of the highest salaries in the league, and are perennial Playoff contenders. In addition to the Lakers The Sacramento Kings and the Phoenix Suns are two teams that often play in the NBA Playoffs.

The lowest face value that is not sold available starts at $78 for the most-wanted game. The highest priced Lakers tickets are $199 or more. To get the most luxurious seats, Sec 122, Row 13 is your best bet. For a better view of the Lakers bench, look into the TicketIQ Refund Guarantee for Lakers tickets.

TicketsIQ is completely free

TicketsIQ is a no-cost place to purchase NBA tickets. You can peruse their vast range of tickets to locate the exact seat for your budget and seating preferences. They offer authentic NBA tickets at the lowest prices. TicketIQ can provide the right tickets for you, no matter your budget. You can save between 10 % to 20% off your NBA tickets by purchasing them here.

NBA All-Star Weekend: NBA All-Star tickets begin at $58 for the 200-level. Tickets are also available for the 3-Point Contest as well as the Slam Dunk competition at the top levels of the arena. The cost increases however they remain within your budget. Tickets are also available to the most prestigious NBA games. If you are a enthusiast of the Lakers You can get tickets to games that are not the same price as other games.

If you’re willing a bit more money to be able to enjoy the game The Los Angeles Lakers will welcome fans returning to Staples Center for the first home game of the season. Fans can sign up to a season ticket membership waiting list and get exclusive access to Staples Center’s top experiences. It’s possible to catch the Lakers play and also have the complimentary wine or beer available in the San Manuel Club. The San Manuel Club is located on Delta Level A, and members-only restaurants are available.